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Sanders becomes a 4-time Tribute to Al Hinds winner

Justin Sanders, Dan Jinkerson, Ryan Peter and Austin Struthers win Tribute to Al Hinds features at Placerville

By Gary Thomas

Images courtesy of Pat Brandon

Placerville, CA…Last season saw Justin Sanders become the first driver to win the “Tribute to Al Hinds” on three separate occasions. With that said the Aromas, CA driver returned to Placerville Speedway on Saturday and added his name to the list for a record fourth time, after claiming the 25-lap Thompson’s Winged 360 Sprint Car feature.

Sharing victory lane with Sanders during the night were Dan Jinkerson with the Mountain Democrat Ltd. Late Models, Ryan Peter with the Red Hawk Casino Pure Stocks and Austin Struthers with the Mountain Democrat Mini Trucks. A solid field of 72 race cars filled the pit area to honor the late Al Hinds, who was the second Promoter of the speedway.

The Thompson’s Family of Dealerships Winged 360 Sprint Car main event began with youngster Max Mittry and veteran Shane Golobic fighting for the top-spot. Mittry led the opening circuit, until Golobic motored under him on lap two for the lead. Justin Sanders followed along for second, which set up a classic duel between the two immensely talented racers. Sanders proceeded to execute a couple of sliders in three and four, but each time saw Golobic pull the cross over move to get back by.

The winning move of the race came following a lap 18 restart when Sanders slid up in front of Golobic to take over the top spot that he would never relinquish. He went on to accept the Ron Stahl checkered for victory aboard the Paul Silva wrenched Works Limited No. 57W mount. It marked his 18th career Winged 360 triumph at the track. Sanders also collected the extra Silva Motorsports Inc. Bonus Money for the win.

Lincoln’s Tanner Carrick came home in second, followed by Golobic, Templeton’s Kaleb Montgomery and Sebastopol’s Joel Myers Jr. in the top-five. Tony Gomes, 15th starter Kalib Henry, Jimmy Trulli, 17th starter Landon Brooks and 20th starter Bubba Decaires ran sixth through 10th respectively. Sanders began the evening by outpacing the 38-car field in ADCO Driveline Qualifying with a lap of 10.982.

Winged 360 finish: 1. 57W-Justin Sanders[3]; 2. 83T-Tanner Carrick[6]; 3. 17W-Shane Golobic[1]; 4. X1-Kaleb Montgomery[4]; 5. 83V-Joel Myers Jr[5]; 6. 7C-Tony Gomes[7]; 7. 01-Kalib Henry[15]; 8. 33T-Jimmy Trulli[11]; 9. 34-Landon Brooks[17]; 10. 94-Greg Decaires V[20]; 11. 2XM-Max Mittry[2]; 12. 92-Andy Forsberg[12]; 13. 21X-Gage Garcia[18]; 14. 4-Jodie Robinson[9]; 15. 35M-Chase Majdic[16]; 16. 93-Stephen Ingraham[19]; 17. 31C-Justyn Cox[8]; 18. 24-Justin Henry[14]; 19. 83SA-Isaiah Vasquez[13]; 20. 18T-Tanner Holmes[10]

Defending track champion with the Mountain Democrat Ltd. Late Models Dan Jinkerson came out firing on opening night. The Diamond Springs wheelman started third but eventually found himself out front and after that it was all she wrote. Jinkerson pulled away to a healthy lead and held command for a majority of the contest. He crossed the Ron Stahl checkered flag to record his fifth career Ltd. Late Model triumph at the facility.

Jinkerson’s victory came at the helm of the Lightfoot Automotive/ Poor Reds No. 23 machine. Garden Valley’s Jay Norton finished second, followed by Lincoln’s Dan Brown Jr. in third, Placerville’s Tyler Lightfoot in fourth and Woodland’s Kiely Ricardo fifth.

Ltd. Late Model finish: 1. 23-Dan Jinkerson[3]; 2. 15J-Jay Norton[1]; 3. 15-Dan Brown Jr[6]; 4. 23J-Tyler Lightfoot[5]; 5. 98-Kiely Ricardo[2]; 6. 3-Eddie Gardner[7]; 7. 57-Rod Oliver[9]; 8. 37-Ray Trimble[4]; 9. 22G-Paul Gugliomoni[8]; 10. 9-Max Mcafee[10]

The Red Hawk Casino Pure Stock main event was a close contest right down to the end. Rio Linda’s Ryan Peter made his first start of the season on Saturday and held the field at bay up front. Oakley’s Nick Baldwin stayed right there with him throughout the 20-lapper however, as the pair put on an excellent show with Tom Tilford not far back in third.

A few times it looked like Baldwin may have a shot, but Peter hit his marks and drove off to his third career victory at the track. Baldwin crossed the line in second over Tilford, Diamond Springs racer Kevin Jinkerson and Orangevale’s Tommy Sturgeon.

Pure Stock finish: 1. 83-Ryan Peter[2]; 2. 17-Nick Baldwin[3]; 3. 23-Tom Tilford[4]; 4. 30-Kevin Jinkerson[14]; 5. 16-Tommy Sturgeon[7]; 6. 74-Russell Murphy[8]; 7. 87-Jason Poppert[5]; 8. 47-Michael Murphy[1]; 9. 4-Jonny Walsh[6]; 10. 316-Ryan Murphy[10]; 11. 22-Chris Mcginnis[9]; 12. 93-Mel Byers[11]; 13. 68E-Wayne Trimble[13]

The Mountain Democrat Mini Truck feature was all about Placerville’s Austin Struthers, who dominated the 20-lapper for victory. Defending track champion Mike Miller ran second, followed by Howard Miller, Paizlee Miller and Thomas Jensen.

Mini Truck finish: 1. 70-Austin Struthers[6]; 2. 16-Mike Miller[8]; 3. 28-Howard Miller[3]; 4. 61-Paizlee Miller[7]; 5. 08JR-Thomas Jensen[5]; 6. 12-Kaele Ahart[4]; 7. 75-Brycen Bragg[1]; 8. 1-Ted Ahart[2]; 9. 65X-Brian Tremblay[9]

Placerville Speedway returns to action next Saturday April 16th with the “Easter Eggstravaganza.”



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