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Andy Forsberg races to 71st career Placerville Sprint Car score at Placerville on Fan Appreciation Night

Starting from the outside of row four Auburn’s Andy Forsberg thrilled the large crowd on hand Saturday to claim his 71st career Sprint Car victory at Placerville Speedway.

Joining the veteran in victory lane was Josh Young with the High Sierra Wingless Sprint Cars, Josef Ferolito with the BCRA Lightning Sprints and Howard Miller with the Mountain Democrat Mini Trucks.

At the waving of the green flag in the Winged Sprint Car feature it was Chico’s Michael Ing jumping into the lead. Ing held command but felt heavy pressure from several drivers, until Forsberg overtook him, charging around the outside on a restart with 11 laps remaining.

Forsberg made several claymakers en route to charging past drivers on the racy bullring.

After that he pulled away to pick up the victory with ease over Ing, Hanford’s Michael Faccinto, Modesto’s Tony Gomes and Placerville’s Shane Hopkins.


Placerville Speedway

Fan Appreciation Night

June 22, 2024

Winged Sprint Cars:

1. 92-Andy Forsberg[8]; 2. 21M-Michael Ing[2]; 3. X1-Michael Faccinto[4]; 4. 7C-Tony Gomes[1]; 5. 21-Shane Hopkins[7]; 6. 94-Greg Decaires V[3]; 7. 87-Ashlyn Rodriguez[10]; 8. 7H-Jake Haulot[11]; 9. 93-Stephen Ingraham[16]; 10. 88-Brad Bumgarner[14]; 11. 33T-Jimmy Trulli[9]; 12. 25S-Seth Standley[12]; 13. 9L-Luke Hayes[13]; 14. 98-Chris Masters[15]; 15. 1-Chance Grasty[5]; 16. 2A-Austin Wood[6]; 17. 97-Blaine Craft[19]; 18. 17-Anthony Snow[20]; 19. 2-Cody Spencer[17]; 20. 75-Bill Smith[18]

Wingless Sprint Cars:

1. 7EJ-Josh Young[1]; 2. 79-Mark Hanson[2]; 3. 3F-Jacob Tuttle[6]; 4. 31P-Eathon Lanfri[5]; 5. X-Bob Newberry[7]; 6. 9-Paul Vandenberg[3]; 7. 8-Peter Paulson[10]; 8. 5-Cody Smith[9]; 9. 28K-Kaden Ramos[11]; 10. 95-Joshua Wooten[12]; 11. 49-Joe McCoy[14]; 12. 21-Cody Myers[13]; 13. 18-Josh Gillis[8]; 14. 2N-Shannon Newton[4]; 15. (DNS) 7L-Kevin Gray; 16. (DNS) MR6-Rory McLaughlin

BCRA Lightning Sprints:

1. 18-Josef Ferolito[4]; 2. 35JR-Dakota Albright[8]; 3. 47-Greg Dennett[7]; 4. 27-Tyler Gerdes[1]; 5. 91-Matt Land[3]; 6. 21-Tom Schmidt[10]; 7. 3F-Hunter Kinney[6]; 8. 22-Jason Schostag[2]; 9. 62-Marshall Sexton[9]; 10. 51-Cameron Martin[11]; 11. 00-Bradley Schmidt[5]

Mini Trucks:

1. 16-Howard Miller[2]; 2. 28-Mike Miller[3]; 3. 26-Paizlee Miller[5]; 4. 24K-Michael Barreno[6]; 5. 7-Luke Costa[7]; 6. 21-Paige Miller[4]; 7. 65X-Brian Tremblay[8]; 8. 07-Tyler Goggin[1]



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