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Forsberg, Morgan, Kinney and Murphy earn Placerville wins

Forsberg, Morgan, Kinney and Murphy score wins on Military Night

Placerville, CA - A total of 24 Thompson’s Auto Group Winged 360 Sprint Cars signed into the Placerville Speedway Saturday night, during Red Hawk Casino points race 13. Andy Gregg and Billy Wallace set the front row for the 25 lap main event. Gregg got the initial start over Wallace but it was all for naught as the caution lights came on for a spinning Mike Benson in turns 3 and 4. On the second attempt the two-time track champion Wallace grabbed the lead and battled Andy Forsberg for multiple laps. Wallace stayed tough though as the leader and fended off numerous charges from point leader Forsberg.

On a lap 8 restart Forsberg and Wallace came together as Forsberg got sideways, collecting multiple cars including Tony Gualda, Jodie Robinson, Cody Hodgson, Mason Moore and Mike Benson. That set up a single file restart and Wallace pulled away as Justyn Cox challenged Forsberg for second. On lap 14 sixth place runner Kyle Offill lost the right front tire sending it into the pit area in turn three. With the caution flying Forsberg was aggressive on the restart and blasted past Wallace in turn three and pulled away onto his 57th career Placerville Speedway win. Justyn Cox scored second over Billy Wallace, Jimmy Trulli and 17th starter Shane Hopkins rounding the top five.

Heat wins went to Zane Blanchard, Cody Hodgson, Adam Walters and Justyn Cox.

The semi main went to Tony Gualda and the Adco Driveline and Custom Exhaust quicktime award went to Gualda as well with a lap time of 10.911.

Twelve Pure Stocks signed into the raceway Saturday for their 13th race of 2018. Russ Murphy and Nick Baldwin set the front row and the race was exceptional to say the least for the first 7 laps between the duo, as Baldwin led the first 7. Chase Grigsby and Baldwin then went back and forth for the top spot on multiple laps until Jason Palmer made contact to the left rear of Baldwin on lap 11. From lap 11 to 20 Russ Murphy dominated the field winning by over 2 seconds as Chase Grigsby and Jason Palmer battled until the checkers. Russ Murphy claimed victory over Jason Palmer, Chase Grigsby, Nick Baldwin and Scott Grunert.

Heat Race wins went too Russ Murphy and Nick Baldwin.

10 wingless sprints showed up for their 3rd appearance for the 2018 season. Matt Stewart and Ryon Siverling let the field to green. Stewart grabbed the top spot as seventh place starter Jake Morgan shot to second on the opening lap. Stewart and Morgan see-sawed back and forth for the top spot as Morgan powered around Stewart on lap 16 running the top side of turn 4.

Morgan charged to his second win of the season at the speedway over Casey McClain. Matt Stewart, Tim Sherman and Alan Miranda.

Heat race wins went too Jake Morgan and Alan Miranda.

BCRA Midget Lites rejoined the Placerville Speedway once again and Scott Kinney became victorious on Saturday. Hunter Kinney and Brandon Leedy set the front row but on the initial start Leedy spun in turn 2 drawing the caution. On the second restart Hunter Kinney missed a shift and stalled the motor on the second attempt. On the third start Scott Kinney grabbed the lead and never looked back. Kinney at one point had a sizable 2 second lead over the field. The race went non stop after the two failed starts as Scott Kinney won over Bradly Dillard and Hunter Kinney top 3.

Heat wins went too Dakota Albright and Steve Brown.

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