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King of the West-NARC 410 Sprint Car Series winners at Placerville Speedway since 2001

2018- Kyle Hirst and ? 2017- Giovanni Scelzi 2016- Bud Kaeding, Shane Golobic and Bud Kaeding 2015- Kyle Hirst twice 2014- Rico Abreu and Sean Becker 2013- Kyle Hirst and Jonathan Allard 2012- Tim Kaeding and Brent Kaeding 2010- Tim Kaeding, Tim Kaeding and Jonathan Allard 2009- Tyler Walker, Tyler Walker and Brent Kaeding 2008- Mike Henry and Tim Kaeding 2007- Brandon Wimmer and Brent Kaeding 2006- Jonathan Allard and Robert Ballou 2005- Stephen Allard and Brent Kaeding 2004- Jason Statler and Sean Becker 2003- Tim Kaeding twice 2002- Tim Kaeding 2001- Brent Kaeding and Tim Kaeding

Photos courtesy of Tim Holland

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