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Update to Placerville and SCCT Hoosier Tire Rule Effective July 1st

Placerville, CA…Due to current shortages with the HTW Tire, Russell Motorsports Inc. has announced a modification to the Hoosier Tire rule for both Placerville Speedway and the Sprint Car Challenge Tour, effective July 1st.

This temporary update is to allow time for manufacturing to catch up with demand, which will see Hoosier start producing HTW tires on July 9th.

The rule modification will be in place until further notice, as Placerville Speedway and SCCT follows the recommendation put forth by Hoosier Tires, which includes implementing the RD20 Right Rear Tire (same compound firmness as HTW). The RD20 tire will be available starting next week.

Although not included in Hoosier’s list of recommendations, the H15 (World of Outlaws) tire will be allowed as well.

The Left Rear tire rule will be open to any tire except for the soft D10 compound.

This Saturday’s event at Placerville Speedway will still follow the traditional tire rule.


The following is the statement put out by Hoosier:

Dear Customer,

As tire sales continue to remain strong with each passing week, we are making every effort to produce and supply the needed inventory for all competitors and track operators as the racing season continues. However, with increased demand temporary shortages on some sizes and compounds will likely occur in the coming weeks.

Therefore, effective July 1, 2021 we’re recommending any Hoosier left rear compound except for the soft D10 compound to be legal for competition until further notice. Also, it’s our recommendation to allow the following right rears for competition to expand tire availability for upcoming events:

105/18-15 HTW

105/18-15 RD20 (same compound firmness as HTW)

105/16-15 MEDIUM

104/16-15 RaceSaver

We appreciate your understanding during these difficult and challenging times for all of us.


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