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New this season: MyRacePass

This season Placerville Speedway will be utilizing MyRacePass, which has several great features. One of them is online registration for drivers, owners and crew members. If you are a driver please claim your page and upload your schedule. If fans purchase tickets off your MyRacePass Profile page you will receive money from each ticket sold.

*If the driver/owner combo are different people, car owners please register as well.

*Crew Members- You too need to register to save money each night at the back gate!

Drivers, owners and crew can get their memberships for the 2020 season by visiting https://www.myracepass.com/tracks/1868/registrations?fbclid=IwAR25z79Y8LWKPBL4YaZyF1oeGwAxBUJJ0XiQmS4ZEMQdeVVND_tfRjdziiU